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Seal Coating Services

Expert Paving Company, LLC Seal Coating a Parking Lot.
Recent Seal Coated Driveway by Expert Paving Company, LLC

What is Seal Coating?

Sealcoating is used for the protection and preservation of asphalt pavement. Sealcoating is applied directly to the asphalt pavement’s surface. The sealcoating will seal the top of the asphalt, which will prevent water, oil, gasoline, and any chemicals from penetrating the surface along with preventing any oxidation from the sun, air or elements of Mother Nature. It will also beautify the pavement by providing a smooth surface.


Why Seal Coat?

A Seal Coat is the most important maintenance services that should be done to keep your asphalt pavement protected, safe, and long lasting. Asphalt pavements are subject to deterioration. This deterioration can come from water, oil, gasoline, chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and every day elements. When sealcoating is performed it will provide a protective barrier against these major causes of deterioration.


Sealcoating is crucial for any asphalt surface. The benefits of sealcoating includes:


  • Preservation – Sealing will preserve the surface of the asphalt pavement along with protecting the surface from sustaining cracks, holes and structural issues.

  • Waterproof – It will lock all moisture away from the asphalt surface.

  • Appearance – Sealcoating will provide a new black color, which enhances and improves the appearance of any asphalt pavement. The appearance is cleaner, and the surface is smoother.

  • Safety – Traffic lines and striping are more visible, which provides safety for your property.

  • Ultraviolet Rays – Ultraviolet rays from the sun can greatly affect and damage asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating will protect the asphalt surfaces from these ultraviolet rays.

  • Protection – Sealant will protect asphalt from chemicals. Gasoline, oil, salt, and all chemicals will not penetrate the asphalt when sealcoating is applied.

  • Affordable – Sealing is affordable! Asphalt repairs can cost dollars for each square foot, but when you have sealcoating applied it only cost pennies for each square foot. It is the most cost effective maintenance that should be done for all asphalt surfaces.


For new asphalt pavements sealcoating should be done several months after the asphalt has fully cured. The A.S.M.A. (Asphalt Sealcoat Manufacturers Association) recommends that all new asphalt pavements should wait six to twelve months before it is applied. Once the asphalt pavement has been seal coated, then it should be re- applied every two to three years, or sooner depending on the necessity of the asphalt surfaces needs. Asphalt pavements should be evaluated once every six months. This evaluation will assess the condition of the asphalt, and it will identify any potential problems or issues the asphalt may be experiencing. The most effective way to protect asphalt is to have sealcoating applied.


Extend the life of your asphalt surface with our seal coating service. This process includes extensive brooming and trimming, as well as crack cleaning and sealing. Not only does our company use high-quality products, but our crew also takes precautions against overspray. Our Maintenance Program will ensure the longevity of your driveway, parking lot, or roadway. Once a customer of Expert Paving, you will be contacted every 2-3 years as a courtesy follow-up to determine appropriate maintenance needs.


We serve Communities in and around Westmoreland, Fayette, Somerset and Washington Counties in Western Pennsylvania.








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